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Owner, Michelle Manguette was born in Belgium Congo from the daughter of an African village chief and a Belgium territorial administrator.

Aged three, she left Africa for Liege in Belgium where she spent a happy childhood with her paternal grandmother. In her early twenties, she moved to London where she opened her first Jewellery boutique in 1978 in Kensington Church Walk.   Since then she has taken her boutique to a more prominent location within church walk street.


Michelle is a keen traveller and has done so at an earlier age, which has heavily influenced her 2 daughters.  As she has visited numerous amounts of countries, it enables her to embrace all the cultural aspects and cocoon those influences with her work.


Since 1984, Michelle Manguette has had a passion for creativity and diversity.  Manguette designs her own range of jewellery inspired by her rich cultural heritage, outside influences and current trends without diluting her own individual flair. Manguette's designs are bold , confident and traditional with the incredibility to mould designs with new and old influences.   Using exquisite, semi-precious stones, ambers, 18 carat,  22 carat and sterling silver she is able to combining her elaborate influence to create elegant statement jewellery.

Manguette's jewellery are all one off pieces so the exclusivity is a premium on its own.


Michelle Manguette has established herself as an experienced jewellery business.  Her boutique is incredibly beautiful showcasing her work and other designers she has collectively worked with throughout the years from around the world.  


More than just a shop we like to think of Manguette boutique as a modern day interactive art exhibition that offers customers the most beautiful, elegant and on trend designs, which creates the ambiance of incredible, warm luxury.


Manguette is the only UK stockist of both Margo Morrison NY and Vaubel NY as well as limited edition and one off pieces by many other designers and the now well-established Manguette designs.


O U R   S T O R Y

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Top to right: Owner Michelle Manguette.  Front of Manguette boutique on Gordon Place and Holland Street.  


Left to bottom: Inside entrance of Manguette boutique.  Entrance view of main window.

Middle left to right:  Wall side of Manguette boutique in front room.   Back room wall, mirror wall and displays of boutique.


Bottom left:  Luxurious gift wrapping of all jewellery.