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French designer, Adelline's, work is a mixture of the East and the West, of masculine and feminine. Precious gems combined with cabochons of topaz, amethyst and opaque aquamarine are conveyed in her collections, blending ethnicity with contemporary elegance. Adeline's love of travel has been a huge source of her inspiration, as it put her in touch with the subject matter of her creations. Three times a year, Adeline labours with 22 carat gold, with which to envelope rose-quartz, cornelian, chalcedony, garnet and ruby tourmaline. Because of this, each piece is unique or limited in series. Even the chains are plaited by hand-pulling on a gold thread which twists in on its own.

She prefers to allow the gems themselves to take their natural path. A path in accordance with La Rive Gauche.  

Since 1984, Michelle Manguette has had a passion for creativity and diversity.  Manguette designs her own range of jewellery inspired by her rich cultural heritage, outside influences and current trends without diluting her own individual flair. Manguette's designs are bold , confident and traditional with the incredibility to mould designs with new and old influences.   Using exquisite, semi-precious stones, ambers, 18 carat,  22 carat and sterling silver she is able to combining her elaborate influence to create elegant statement jewellery.


Manguette's jewellery are all one off pieces so the exclusitivity is a premium on its own.


Michelle Manguette has established helself as an experienced jewellery designer and jewellery business.  Her boutique is incredibly beautiful showcasing her work and other designers she has collectively worked with throughout the years from around the world.  It is a mordern day interactive art exhibition that creates the amibunce of incredible warm luxury.

Classically distinctive, Gurhan jewellery is known for combining individuality and enduring elegance. Simple, timeless style characterises the designs, while a strong legacy is embodied in the craftsmanship.  

The Gurhan Collections in 24 karat gold are renowned for embodying clean, classic lines within the warm, rich hue of the pure metal. The jewellery also incorporates the contrast of platinum and sterling silver and the lustre of precious stones, diamonds and pearls.

Gurhan has revived and perfected the original techniques of a metalsmith, born over 7,000 years ago. His mission is to perpetuate this legacy in the form of timeless designs with a distinctive edge. Passion for fine craftsmanship is reflected in the hand-hewn quality of the jewellery and in the fact that every aspect of it is created within his workshop by Gurhan himself and his school of apprentices. Gurhan seeks only apprentices with no previous jewellery training, in order to be able to pass on to them the ancient techniques without modern influences.

Gurhan is based in New York and is an important member of the contemporary design community in the United States. The extraordinary talent of the designer has been recognized by the World Gold Council.



Manguette Designs

Rodgers & Rodgers

Rodgers & Rodgers is the eponymous jewellery brand by Lynn & Kate Rodgers.

Lynn was sippig tea in Bombay when she decided to take a leap of faith and found her company.  Inspired ti travel, she had sourced jewellery for friends along her trips.  Encouraged by their enthusiasm and her growing number of clients, she opened her notebook and began.

Lynn's daughter Kate built a career as a fashion photographer following a degree from Central St Martins.  She worked for iconic brands and publications including Vogue, Burberry and Vivienne Westwood.  This allowed valuable insight into design, production and marketing processes when sharply alligned with the demands of commerce.

Throughout the early days Kate worked with her mother to develop designs.  In December 2011 she joined the business and Rodgers & Rodgers was founded.

Team Rodgers & Rodgers spend most of their days in the wilds of rural Derbyshire. This is the middle of nowhere and the place where the jewellery is born.

They hand-make their jewellery from 22ct gold vermeil, 925 sterling silver and carefully selected semi-precious stones. Each stone is hand

cut & calibrated.

They work to a contemporary, design led aesthetic and aim to realise the unique qualities of the natural stones we use.

Steve Vaubel

For over 30 years, Steve Vaubel Designs have been designing fashion jewelry while maintaining their philosophy of simple forms and their inherent qualities. Some of their earliest collections came out of sculpting metal, by manipulating, re-shaping, and re-forming basic materials. It is this process that distinguishes the brand and speaks to the woman who seeks luxury in a uniquely innovative and modern design.


Their first collection was featured with the original group of artists at the Robert Lee Morris Artwear Gallery in SoHo (NY) in 1980. This early recognition was only the beginning of a career that was to include collections for Anne Klein, Calvin Klein, and Bill Blass. Featured in publications such as Vogue, Town and Country, Harpers Bazaar, Elle and O Magazine, their approached to design and the artistic process guided and launched their successful career.

As a traditional family business with more than 40 years history and presence in the jewelry world, we attain, experience, expertise, equipped workshop, quality and originality. The design and production of small scale sculputers, constant renewal of goods, mostly 100% handmade jewelry, quick and direct customer contact, place us domestically at a not at all insignificant position.

Our concern is for our jewelery to be worn by women of all ages as well as of all different stylistic preferences. We marry the modern with the classic and succeed in doing so at a satisfactory level. We want our jewelry to be simple, feminine and exude an air of elegance.

To be worn from morning to evening and at all circumstances. To become one with the woman, for her to feel comfortable with those to the point of forgetting that she is wearing them and for the jewelry to become an integral part of her and an extension of her personality. To give her something extra that emphasizes and highlights her appearance without overshadowing her. The main source of our inspiration is located in the moto “LESS IS MORE” with a touch of shine, achieved by the beauty that our mineral stones give.


Alexia Kyriazopoulou is a graduate in Fine Arts at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the daughter of the founder of the family workshop Nikos Kyriazopoulos.

Since 1997, she has been working at her family workshop in Athens, Greece, as a jewelry designer – artist.

Alexia contemporary jewelery.

Diego Percossi Papi.

Percossi Papi has been designing and making his jewellery since 1968 in the heart of old Rome, in his small atelier next to the Pantheon, in via S. Eustachio.

His creativity has gradually produced a distinct style and school in which color, forms and materials are the absolute protagonists.

Each piece is unique, without a hint of mass-production and with the traditional quality of fine handmade items.

Diego Percossi Papi develops and expands the themes of popular culture prompted by intuition and guided by passion and a careful study of technique. His pieces thus become the natural continuation of a craft and art tradition that has distinguished, and still distinguishes, Italy over the centuries.

Percossi Papi is in fact renowned for his "ad personam" creations, each unique and often made with the client's own materials.


His main output is jewellery, but he has always diversified into different kinds of objects, from the holy to the art field and even Haute Couture accessories.


Percossi Papi has also created jewellery for numerous films:

“Rossini Rossini” ( directed by Mario Monicelli, starring Philippe Noiret and Jacqueline Bisset ).

“The Elective Affinities” ( directed by Paolo and Vittorio Taviani, starring Isabelle Huppert ).

“Francesca e Nunziata” ( directed by Lina Wertmuller, starring Sophia Loren).

"Elizabeth The Golden Age” ( directed by Shekhar Kapur, starring Cate Blanchett) Oscar prize-winner for Best costumes.

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